2018 Last Year Symposium introduction

The First Myanmar Project Management Symposium in Myanmar

On December 13th, 2018, a total of over 400 people gathered for a full day conference to discuss the project management profession and how to ensure project success.

With the mission to ensure project success and raise the capacity levels in Myanmar,  Myanmar Project Management Center (MPC) took charge by inviting government officials, project managers and business professionals from across Myanmar to a conference to share knowledge, strengthen the community and lead the evolution of the project management profession at Wyndham Grand Yangon Hotel.

The event was supported by CB Bank and Carlsberg and featured 10 keynote speakers from Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Among the conference’s highlights was the opening keynotes that featured industry leader U Khin Maung Aye sharing his thoughts about Industry Transformation through the story of CB Bank; and Prof Roland Berger, the founder of Roland Berger International Consultants, and his view on Challenges for a new economic world order. Other speakers covered topics included: “Transition to Agile”, “Managing Change and Business Transformation”, “Digital Transformation Challenges” and many more.

Throughout the day the participants could also mingle and meet representatives from the booths of five professional association (MES, MCEA, MCPA, DRD and MDA) and the breaks gave a chance to make useful contacts.

The founder of MPC, Pyit Thiri Thaw, ended the conference with a passionate keynote on Building the nation with Project Management. “With the large number of people attending today I feel very optimistic about the future and that we together will be able to bring Myanmar to the next level.” shared Pyit Thiri Thaw. 

About the VIP speakers

  • U Khin Maung Aye: Founder of Kaytumadi Company Limited and the founder and Chairman of Kaung Myanmar Aung Group of Companies. Mr Khin Maung Aye is elected Chairman of the Myanmar Banks Association since December 2015 and the current Chairman of CB Bank, one of the key banks in Myanmar’s private commercial banking sector.

  • Prof Roland Berger: German entrepreneur, consultant, and philanthropist. He is the founder of the international strategy consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants which he established in Munich in 1967. He is a Member of several supervisory boards and advisory councils of national and international companies, foundations and organizations, and personnel ally invests in many private and listed companies as well as startups.

  • Pyit Thiri Thaw : Founder & Managing Director of Myanmar Financial Center. Originally from Myanmar but educated in Singapore. As an entrepreneur in heart and early involved in own businesses related to education since 2005, Thiri has been working in the education industry covering countries including Singapore, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. She is passionate about projects that achieve change and contribute to Myanmar’s growth and capacity building. Through Myanmar Certified Training Centers Co Ltd two centers have so far been established to provide a focused professional platform to support capacity building: Myanmar Financial Center (MFC) and Myanmar Project Management Center (MPC).

  • H.E. U Than Nyunt : Member of the Union of Myanmar Education Committee, the National Convention Working Committee for the preparation of a new Constitution for Myanmar, as well as a member of the Panel of Chairmen of the National Convention, since 1993. He has served in various capacities as an economist and educationist in Myanmar. In 1994, as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, and as chairman of the Union Civil Service Selection and Training Board from 1999 to 2009.

About Myanmar Project Management Center

Myanmar Project Management Center (MPC) is a professional training center and the first Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Myanmar. MPC’s mission is to bring Myanmar’s Capacity to the next level by creating Certified Professionals through internationally recognized training and certification programs. Founded 2015 by Pyit Thiri Thaw, MPC has trained over 2,000 professionals across Myanmar and staying true to its goal to bridge the skills gap training is done across sectors from university to Corporates and Ministries.

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