2nd Myanmar Project Management Symposium

Join over 500 industry professionals for an exciting day full of insights and wisdom from some of Project Management’s most successful academics and leaders.

Network, explore opportunities, and learn more about the industries that will use project management to drive Myanmar into a stronger, more sustainable future.

The 2nd Myanmar Project Management Symposium focuses on “Myanmar 2020 Vision: Ensuring Project Success in the Next Decade.”
The symposium will inspire project managers, program officers, government regulators, and executives to develop the skills and understanding needed to deliver project success in a rapidly growing economy.

This year we celebrate PMI’s 50-Year contribution to Project Management.
We celebrate the 50 PMP Credential Holders developed in Myanmar.
We celebrate our growth and we celebrate our learning.


• Exchange knowledge
• Network
• Receive valuable insights
• Learn key elements in making projects successful
• Be part of a growing movement in Myanmar’s most industrious

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