Agile leadership in the new paradigm

The last 12 to 18 months have taught us, or reminded us, that the world is unpredictable. There is very little we can be absolutely certain of, and we must learn to adapt quickly to adversity and change. We’ve seen some businesses thrive by pivoting and adjusting their business strategy to a new paradigm. We’ve seen other business dig in and try to be resilient enough to weather the storm. Some were successful and many were not.

Many learned that you can’t solve new problems with old solutions. Companies that were agile, nimble, and entrepreneurial did well, or okay, while companies that were rigid, and traditional suffered for their inability to act quickly and adjust.

To lead a company, a division or a department through crisis and uncertainty you need to have an agile mindset. You must adopt a leadership style that allows the organization to rise to the challenge. Like a championship sports team, who never gives up and comes back late in the game to overcome unimaginable odds to raise that trophy and celebrate victory.

Do you feel like you need to learn to be more agile? Are you worried that your teams are not performing at their peak capability or that your business is missing out on opportunities because you can’t adapt quickly enough?

MPC’s Agile Leadership Program is a great place to start if you’re either new to leadership or want to upgrade your skills to the 21st-century situation. In this 4 days / 16hrs training, you will learn various practical skills you can implement within your organization. Learn how to overcome challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities in the future.

This course is instructed by, Eric Byron, a dynamic facilitator who comes from an entertainment background. He is an expert in Agile Leadership and presents a unique learning experience, full of real case studies, storytelling and open conversations about the challenges facing us all as leaders in today’s fast paced world.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and take a step forward?
Learn more here or contact us over the chat.

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