JumpStart for Female Game Changers

March is the month of women empowerment, and JumpStart is here to make it happen!

We are looking for 100 ambitious final year university students who are looking to jumpstart their careers and become female game changers in a male dominated working environment. You will learn skills that will differentiate you from the rest and give your career a head start, get access to a huge network of corporate employers across all sectors and industries in Myanmar, and exclusive opportunities for internships.

Programme key areas:
  • Knowledge on workplace etiquette: Communication skills, how to be a good colleague, how to behave and dress in the working environment, and how to develop a professional network.
  • Transferable skills: Effective communication, confidence building, and how to write a winning CV that maximizes your strengths and talents.
  • Job interview skills: Insider tips on how to get an interview and practical advice on pre-preparing answers to enable you to succeed in your interview.
  • Project Management skills: Practical training working on, or working with project teams that gives you important additional experience to set you apart from other graduates. To support your development of  a diverse set of skills that can be used in a variety of industries, and build your confidence to operate effectively as soon as you start your first job. You will also be supported in becoming a Certified Associate in Project management (CAPM®). This is a globally recognised entry-level certificate that demonstrates to potential employers that you have a fundamental understanding of the processes of effective project management and experience working in teams.
Prerequisite qualification:
  • 3rd or final year university student
  • Recent university graduate

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