Looking to stand out from the competition when you graduate?

Serious about securing your first graduate job?

Concerned about making the leap from full time education to the work environment?

If the answer is yes. Then the JumpStart! programme is exactly what you need!

JumpStart! is a four-day employability programme developed by industry experts and delivered by experienced international trainers. It is specifically designed for students who are due to graduate and supports the development of the skills you need to find your first graduate-level job and make the transition from university to the working environment.

The programme covers these key areas:

Knowledge on workplace etiquette: Communication skills, how to be a good colleague, how to behave and dress in the working environment, and how to develop a professional network.

Transferable skills: Effective communication, confidence building, and how to write a winning CV that maximizes your strengths and talents.

Job interview skills: Insider tips on how to get an interview and practical advice on pre-preparing answers to enable you to succeed in your interview.

Project management skills: Practical training working on,  or working with project teams that gives you important additional experience to set you apart from other graduates. To support your development of  a diverse set of skills that can be used in a variety of industries, and build your confidence to operate effectively as soon as  you start your first job. You will also be supported in becoming a Certified Associate in Project management (CAPM®). This is a globally recognised entry-level certificate that demonstrates to potential employers that you have a fundamental understanding of the processes of effective project management and experience working in teams .

In addition to all this you will get access to a huge network of corporate employers across all sectors and industries in Myanmar, and exclusive opportunities for internships. You will also be eligible to receive online guidance and mentoring after the programme to support you in getting the right job.

Organisations in Myanmar are looking to employ graduates who are work-ready. Demonstrated academic ability is an important element of the recruitment process, but most graduates are at a disadvantage as they have little or no experience in the real working environment.

The transition from being a full time student to a full time employee is a daunting prospect. This programme is specifically designed and structured to provide you with the skills you need to build your confidence in finding a good job or a work placement. Project management skills are highly valued and useful in  all industries and can also be applied throughout your life and not just in your career.

The JumpStart! programme will help you gain a competitive edge in the job market through the development of key transferable skills and exposure to professional project management models used in business.

Do you want to JumpStart! your career?

The JumpStart! Program is for students due to graduate this year and individual signups cost only 1 lakh. Find out when we are coming to your city!

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We are working closely with universities in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw. A collaboration with us means a 50% discount of the program fees. Students also have the possibilities to get fully sponsored.

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