Ma Ei Sandi Maung

Ma Ei Sandi Maung

Congratulations on passing the PMP® Exam, Ma Ei Sandi Maung!

We are so proud of Ma Ei Sandi Maung for passing the PMP® exam! She has worked hard and dedicated herself to her studies, and we are so excited to see her achieve this great accomplishment.

Ma Ei Sandi Maung is a Senior Deputy Manager at MPT-KDGM, and an alumni of MPC’s PMP-50 and PMPINT-14 programs. We know that passing the PMP® exam is a challenging but rewarding experience, and we are so proud of her for her hard work and dedication.

With her PMP® certification, Ma Ei Sandi Maung is now even more effective in her role. She has the skills and knowledge to lead and manage projects effectively, and she can contribute even more to her company’s success.

We are proud to have her as part of our growing MPC alumni network, and we are confident that she will continue to achieve great things in her career.



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