Personalised JIT learning

Just In Time Training is a learning strategy used to deliver the up to date and precise knowledge to learners. The strategy encourages teamwork and interactive learning to solve problems.

Why personalized JIT Learning?
Personalised JIT Learning benefits the students in many ways, For example, its allows the learners to choose and schedule their own learning time that leads to great success. Moreover, JIT learning helps trainees to engage learners more effectively.

Just In Time training techniques:

  • Responsive and modern technology
  • Carefully organized, exact and suitable content
  • Efficient and diverse courses
  • The social aspect of learning


Just-in-time learning enhances relevance and reliability by providing easy-to-access the content. When learners identify a knowledge gap, they are compelled to look for solutions. With MPC’s just-in-time learning, there are solutions that will help you fulfill your goals and feel more motivated to learn.

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