Webinar – Executive Loneliness

Last night our weekly webinar discussed a topic not often covered – executive loneliness. It is not really different from the loneliness we all can feel with the exception that executives often have fewer people to talk to about what they are facing as they are on the top of the organisation. With COVID-19, it is not only the physical isolation at home but also the crisis, firing people, staff suffering, company losing money and so on. This puts a heavy weight on an executives shoulders.

Our guest speaker Nick Jonsson shared how he found out that the feelings of isolation and depression, the personal struggles he himself had to grapple with and conquer are much more widespread among executives than we think. What saved him was that he started to talk about it with people.

His advice to people who face executive loneliness are:
– You are not alone in feeling like this
– Find people to talk with that understands what you are facing
– Don’t be afraid to share and talk with people

See the recorded talk here

[gdlr_video url=”https://youtu.be/cBoVZKWiy6w” ]

About Nick Jonsson:
He is managing director of EGN (Executives Global Network) in Singapore. Currently managing 300 senior executives divided into 9 confidential peer groups. Organizing more than 70 meetings, events & webinars for senior executives in Singapore per year.

His linkedin page can be found here https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickjonsson/


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